Sales Records

  1. Raw material manufacturing chemical plant

    Incoloy bent pipe, twin pack valve Gray lock fitting Incoloy 800H high temperature and high pressure ball valve
    600LB 3B ~ 8B gate valve, 15A ~ 50A gate valve Globe valve, check valve

  2. Chemical manufacturing plant

    φ3,000X10.000 cyclone,
    i-made ball valve (for powder)
    SUS metal touch ball valve, FRP drying tower
    8BX8Bx8B Switch valve with electric actuator (plug valve)
    2500LB high pressure water switching valve

  3. Nuclear power plant

    Duct deformation 3D measurement

  4. For overseas steelworks

    Motor frame 2,500X2,500X5,000,
    Mill motor shaft

  5. Semiconductor cleaning liquid injection device

    Welding type bellows seal valve,
    Microneedle valve Diaphragm valve, 25A to 80A large diameter bellow seal globe valve, angle valve

  6. ollection and recycling equipment

    Dry vacuum pump, valve

  7. Nuclear power plant

    High temperature (1000 ℃) exhaust gas shutoff valve

  8. Chemical manufacturing plant

    Globe valve, ball valve, check valve, gate valve
    SCP globe valve, LF2 globe valve, NFK burner

  9. Hydrogenated resin production plant

    High temperature valve for process, jacket valve,
    Emergency shut-off valve (ball valve)
    High pressure gas certification valve, high temperature / high pressure valve,
    SUS bucket strainer

  10. Chemical manufacturing plant

    Zirconium ball valve, globe check valve (lift / swing)

  11. Hydroelectric power plant

    Oil recovery system, oil absorption mat, oil treatment agent Drain pit stainless steel, safety valve renewal

  12. Research and Development

    Space chamber φ1,000X1580
    SUS large chamber for optical test

  13. Radioactive cesium adsorption

    Natural zeolite

  14. TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Power Station

    Air sampler for collecting radioactive particles,
    Survey meter

  15. Polycarbonate production plant

    Dry roots vacuum pump

  16. Conversion plant Tannin wastewater treatment plant

    Ball valve, globe valve, flexible tube,
    Emergency shut-off valve

  17. Fish meal plant deodorization equipment

    Square gate valve, fire damper, ball valve,
    Globe valve, check valve, automatic ball valve

  18. Pulp and paper manufacturing plant

    Special slide gate valve for high temperature

  19. Pharmaceutical plant

    Sanitary control valve, steam mixer lining check valve, steam trap,
    Sight Glass

  20. Subcritical methane fermentation test facility

    High pressure ball valve, solenoid valve, safety valve, instrumentation pressure gauge,
    Duplex stainless steel ball valve (high pressure), mono pump

  21. For training facilities

    Various automatic valves

  22. 火力発電所