Business Field

Sanwa Trading’s Comprehensive Strengths in such areas

  1. Themal/Nuclear Power Plants
  2. Hydro Power Plants
  3. Petrochemical/Synthetic fiber Plants
  4. Envionmental/Sanitation Plants
  5. Semiconductor/Food,Medicine Plants
  6. University/Research and development facilities
  • Experience and knou-how accumulated over 40 years
  • Abundant information and wide-reaching networks
  • Outstanding footwork and a spirit of inquiry
  • Unnivated service spirit

Special valves used in harsh operating conditions

High Temperatures, High Pressues, Super Low Temperatures, Ultrahigh Vacuum
Flammable fluids, Redioactive / Corrosive enironment
Toxic environment, Slurry/highly viscous fluids, Fine partices/powders
Foods/medical supplies, Ultra clean environment

Compliance with various regulations/standards

High pressure gas certification, Type 1/Type 2 puressure vessels
Nuclear power quality management, Electric utility law
Fire service law certification, TTO guidelines
HACCP compliance, UL/CE/RoHS, Various explosion proofing standards

Spedialized materials

Titanium, Zirconium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel
Molybdenum, Dual phase steel, Non-magnetic metals(mu metals)

Dissimilar metals joint

Exploslve bonding/clad processing

Surface processing/heat processing

Electrolylic polishing

Various lining/Coating processes

Glass lining